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Excerpt from the book: My Whole Chapter 

       I want to believe
       There is a place for me
       But I am scared to death
       I will never find that place.

       I want to talk to someone
       But words cannot explain
       That which is conceived in my heart.
Tell your friends/enemies, loved ones, family, stranger to get themselves an e-book version of the book “My Whole Chapter” Amazon right now and I know God will speak to you in a way you do not expect.

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In an interview held in a two-room, well-conditioned office with Afro-pop and Afro-soul singer, Simisola Ogunleye born in Ondo State, she described herself as simple, honest, creative, happy and a hustler.

When asked about what growing up felt like, she tried to paint a vivid picture of her childhood days by stating that she was a tomboy, spoilt, lived a comfortable life and grew up in a broken marriage. Simisola Ogunleye, famously known as ‘Simi’ made mention of the fact that she has never been to her hometown but the Nigerian culture influences the genre of music that she is into, as most of the lyrics of her songs are in pidgin and the application of certain vocal infection to give her listeners a ‘homely feeling’ when her songs are being played.

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